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 Brief information - latest Confidence Index

​For December 2017, CFA Society Romania Macroeconomic Confidence Index registered a decline to 41 points level, lowest value since April 2013, 3.1 points below Index's value during previous period. This evolution was determined mainly by the expectations component of the Index.

Current conditions index had a marginal decline of 0.7 points down to 59 points (lowest value since April 2015), while expectations component is down 4.2 points to 32 points (lowest value since October 2012). The evolution of expectations index is determined mostly by contributions by the survey participants to the question regarding personal income (41% of poll participants expect a generalized decline of personal income compared to 20% for  the previous period).

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 CFA Society Romania Confidence Index Description

CFA Society Romania Macroeconomic Confidence Index was firstly released by CFA Society Romania in May 2011 and repr​esents an indicator that aims at quantifying anticipations of the financial analysts on economic activity in Romania for a time horizon of one year.

The Index takes values between 0 (no confidence) and 100 ​(complete confidence in the Romanian economy) and is calculated based on six questions regarding:​

  • ​​Current Conditions - of business and labor market;
  • Expectations about: business, labor market, the evolution of personal income and of personal wealth at the economy level.

Participants are members of CFA Society Romania and candidates for levels II and III of the CFA exams.

 Evolution of Confidence Index

 Evolution of EURRON parity


 Evolution of Inflation Index (average)

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